AT89C51-8051-8031 SBC

Inspired by an old Elektor (Dutch elektronics magazine) design. I designed a new Eurocard form factor design, with buffered outputs , RAM , EEPROM so that it can also fit the 8051 and 8031’s (ROMless).

NDR School television episodes (26)

0. Microelectronics – Introduction of the NDR “Klein” computerThomas Naumann and Rolf-Dieter Klein introduce the capabilities of the NDR “Klein” computer and the contents of the 26 episodes. (In German).

Welcome to my website

This site has been dedicated to ~1980’s Home- and Game Computers I own, Single Boards Computers (SBC’s) I either built or bought, as well as (Fidelity) chess computers, home-brew hardware and test equipment.