Retrosys2019 Backplane Board

This board was designed in 2018 and also used for some of my other other projects. It has been manufactured , tested (duh, what can go wrong on a plain backplane board).

( Well to be honest, in the first series the mounting holes for the connectors were not 100% aligned but using M2.5 screws this was not a real issue).

The board as it appears in Kicad (Non-Rendered and Rendered versions) :

RetroSys2019 Kicad 3D view FRONT (Non-Rendered)
RetroSys2019 Kicad 3D view back (Non-Rendered)
RetroSys2019 Kicad 3D view front (Rendered)
RetroSys2019 Kicad 3D view back (Rendered)
How they came from the PCB manufaturer
Assembled version front
Assembled (and cleaned) version back


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