The Acorn Atom – Introduction

The Acorn Atom was my first “Personal computer”, a computer with a real keyboard, and video display (well actually an old portable B&W TV). All I could effort was the basic version, 2K of Memory, no floating point ROM, no printer interface (6522).

Acorn Atom

For many years my own Acorn Atom ended up in a junk box, which wasn’t doing any good to the board itself. Eprom’s got crushed, crystals broken off , case got lost, etc.

Atom board that survived a junk-box for years

Via an ex-colleague of mine I got a hold of another Atom, heavily modified but in working (sort of) condition.

Modified Atom 1
Modifed Atom 2

In the end I decided to strip both boards. The second modified Atom also had it’s mounting holes enlarged cutting out some PCB traces.


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